Dan Rosenberg

Thigh's Hollow

“Is ‘making’ a funeral for life? As if. But bodies of human things are earthbound and they do require a different muttering utterance to make sense of that transformation from endless spirit into carnal form. That is the wrestling with the highest stakes. Dan Rosenberg is concerned by time and by time I mean his lyrics are epic. Epic because they ask the hero to fail and in failure is the truest quality of a muscle or a body or like to be known.”
-Kazim Ali, judge of the Omnidawn Poetry Chapbook Contest

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“[These] poems—swift, judicious, perpetually alert—chart the marvelous vantages within daily particulars, cusps, close listening. A master of quickened lulls (‘in pursuit / of paradise I’m still,’ he writes, and I feel the wild, stunned presence of eternity-in-an-afternoon), Rosenberg is among poetry’s most attentive naturalists of the instant.”
-Zach Savich

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The Crushing Organ

“Dan Rosenberg drank all the great masters, took them inside, dead and alive, all alive. He explodes them and then he says: 'I want the sun to be potent and kind.' The sun listens. Or: 'The heavens are bleached out with streetlights and we all feel larger.' The reader's body reacts. Only the power of true poetry can make this happen. Here. In this book.”
-Tomaž Šalamun

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“‘I picture the world as sutures,’ the Slovenian poet Miklavž Komelj writes, ‘as wounds knitting.’ In his first collection of poems in English translation, Hippodrome, he knits together an astonishing range of historical facts and ideas, ways of being and formal strategies, conscious at every turn of his obligations to the past, the present, and future. Everything is thrillingly alive in these poems, gracefully rendered by Boris Gregoric and Dan Rosenberg. A buzzard circling over a deserted quarry inspires Komelj to declare that he ‘was sent to this world for her ecstatic cry/ and after that, for the longest time, for no other sound.’ But what amazing sounds he has recorded in Hippodrome—sounds that tune and mend our ears.”
-Christopher Merrill

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